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Tru Juice Red Vegetable Juice

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Tru-Juice Red Vegetables, 100% pure Daily Sweet Beetroot, Cold Pressed Juice, Red Juice containing Beetroot, Carrot, Healthy Juice Drink or Snack, 10*12 OZ. (case of 10)


Bullet points:

  • Pressed and bottled in Suffolk: we were the first in US soft drinks business to start pressing Organic beetroot juice .Sweeter than you might think, our beet juice makes a deliciously flavorsome drink.
  • Award winning organic beetroot juice: Beet it beetroot juice is made with 90% organic beetroot juice and 10% organic apple juice to neutralise the earthy taste. Our Beet It juice is a bestseller.
  • Soil association certified: fortunately, US has the ideal climate and soil to grow beetroot organically, resulting in a juice that is free from artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Our beetroot juice is certified by the Soil Association.
  • Dietary Nutrient: beet root juice is a source of natural dietary nitrate and our Beet It juice has been used in over 200 worldwide studies on nitrate supplementation.
  • TRU- Juice drinks: we are a family business that have been pressing and bottling organic and classic fruit and vegetable juices since many years.


Product description:                              

Pressed to impress. We don’t add sugar, fake sugar or concentrates to our drinks, and we never take short cuts. Nature tastes best. Full of earthy goodness, our Brilliant Beetroot is a blend of beetroot juice and carrot juice. Each carton is packed with 90% Pressed Beetroot Juice, 10% Pressed carrot Juice, and Vitamin C.

Case dimensions: 12X4X8

Quantity in each case: 10 pieces



Case of 10, Single Bottle


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